23 Nov 2011

Bold Souls - It's almost Xmas!

I'm all ready and excited to be part of Bold Souls Christmas fair and fashions show in The Arches, Glasgow, this Saturday.
From all I've heard, it's going to be splendid: there'll be fashion & accessories designers, milliners, jewellers, illustrators, vintage sellers, nail technicians, you can even get your hair done by professional hairstylists!

Cachée dans la forêt will be there, happy to offer you all sorts of ideas for presents for your friends and relatives.
And here's a little gift for my customers - print out the coupon below and give it to me during Bold Souls to receive a 10% discount!

Please note that coupon works only at my (Cachée dans la forêt) stall!

14 Nov 2011

Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21

She has arrived on Monday, and I'm SO in love with her.
She received a name after Arnold Schönberg's melodrama, Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21, as I love the piece and I love the story it tells.
I adore her chubby body and the way she poses.

I just can't wait to have her painted and ready!

9 Nov 2011

Granny Would Be Proud fair in Glasgow.

So, I'm finally in Glasgow, and I would like to invite all of you who live nearby to visit me on Granny Would Be Proud fair, that will take place in Hillhead Bookclub on 17 Vinicombe Street, this Sunday (13th November) from 12 - 5 pm.

I'll be there selling my jewellery and accessories (bookmarks, keychains etc), both for guys and gals ^-^

Get ready for Christmas - I'll gladly help you to pick the best gifs for your friends and family!

30 Oct 2011

leaving feeling.

Next week, by this time, I'm going to be in Glasgow, Scotland, setting off with the new chapter of my funny life.
I've been waiting for so long for that moment to arrive - first I've been putting my money off, then I had that unfortunate accident, and I had to recover for long, postponing the whole thing for over two months that seemed like ages.

And now, that it's finally that close and I should be all happy, I actually feel a bit sad, and there's a number of wonderful people to blame for that. I hope I see them again soon.

I've set off with packing- it's so hard to decide what to take, and what to leave behind. I wish I actually could be as consistent in my plans to reduce my belongings as Dave from The 100 Thing Challenge, but that's just not happening (although I did reduce them significantly).
Apart from basic things like clothes etc, there are also books &dolls to take, all the things I use to create my jewellery, I'd love to take at least one film camera with me as well... It all gives me a headache when I think about it...

For those of you who live in (or are just passing through) Glasgow, you can meet me pretty soon during wonderful craft & fashion events, that I'm happy to take part in. I'll write about the dates and places in the next post. ♥

22 Sep 2011


Is he dreaming about the career of an aviator... or does he just have his head in the clouds?

(for the soundtrack click here.)


19 Sep 2011

Confitures! ♥

I've just received a wonderful surprise gift from France, from my dear friend, Justyna, who has mastered the art of making exquisite confitures (not even mentioning other marvels she does in the kitchen).
Unfortunately, one jar, containing the confiture of apricots with lavernder (oh-my-god!) didn't survive the journey - risking my own life I had to try it though (being careful not to eat any glass) - it was BEYOND AWESOME!
Enclosed was one of my favourite books of all times - "Un homme qui dort" by Georges Perec - finally I'll have the opportunity to read it in original language.

This really made my day, and was a beautiful week overture.
Thank you dear! ♥

18 Sep 2011


I got tempted by stunning repaints of Monster High dolls I saw recently and got myself two of them, and I already want more I must admit. I adore their gentle and beautifully shaped bodies and surprisingly interesting face molds (once you wash off that awful slutty decal faces they were given by Mattel), different for every doll.

Here's my Baronesse, waiting for a new face and customisation.

14 Sep 2011

‎"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

My etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/cacheedanslaforet is full of new, fantabulous items, and every day new ones are listed!
Here's a little gift to all my lovely customers (and Yes, I have to credit Lewis Carrol for the inspiration):
Enter the code FRABJOUSDAY upon checkout to receive a 15% discount on the whole order ♥
hurry up - it won't last forever!

13 Sep 2011


The world around is so huge and overwhelming, this little Ladybug friend of mine seems to be in a constant shock!

This is a repaint of a ddung knockoff doll, done my magnificently talented Kamarza. She's done OH so great, and I've been most happy to find this little creature in the package that arrived at my doorstep today.

1 Sep 2011

"Watch out for the broken glass, put your shoes and socks on and come along with me."

The title for the post is taken from "Kentucky Avenue", one of my favourite songs by Tom Waits, containing some of his childhood memories.

It has suddenly struck me that Marcel, one of my dolls, is just the kind of a boy that could be Waits' childhood companion - mischievous yet full of energy and imaginative. Running round the neighbourhood all day, being a nuisance to the local community but at the same time charming in his own, boyish way.

And here he is, a hole in his sock and not-so-clean feet, after a busy day of climbing trees, running and making up big adventures. I envy him, I really do.

29 Aug 2011

Commissioned pieces

Having lots of time on my hands recently and being forced by circumstances to stay at home, I've been working on custom jewellery commissions recently.
Here are two examples of pieces I've made: the first one was for Kamarza, a gifted doll artist, depicting her quirky yet wonderful dolls' orphanage:

Second one went to Koroa, yet another tallented doll collector and artist, and it includes her own illustration:

Here's a photo by Koroa of her doll wearing it ♥ :

So, who's next? ^-^

25 Aug 2011

New shop section: Rings

On the request of my friend I added rings to my jewellery collection, so you can head to the new section in my etsy shop to check them out - I think they came out really nice.

Of course, like all the other things, they can be customised with a photography or motif of your choice.

21 Aug 2011

Four-legged girl pendant.

Ever felt worse because of being different than others?
I think that's how Josephene Myrtle Corbin might have felt in her childhood.
Born on May 12, 1868 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, she had not two, but four legs due to her body axis splitting while in early development. She had two pelvises, and each outer leg was paired with another, smaller inner leg.
She was soon a sensation throughout the country, and while touring with her family she managed to support the whole family with her earnings, which supposedly way exceeded the average income by that time.
According to the sources I've found, she grew up to be a beautiful woman, she has happily married by the age of 19, and raised five healthy children.*
An example, I daresay, that being different does not mean being worse, or does not necessarily bring misfortune.

Here's a pendant I made with an early picture of Josephene Myrtle Corbin - it's available in my etsy shop.

I love her striped socks and her Victorian-style shoes.


16 Aug 2011

New bookmarks

Hello there,

How is your summertime passing?
I've added some new bookmarks to my etsy shop (visit it to view more), so that you can use them to mark pages on summer books you're reading in gardens and parks.
I hope you like them!

25 Jul 2011


Long time no seen, huh?
I've been going through some changes in my life - I've quit my job which I consider a great decision, then I moved back to my home town for holiday - it's quiet here and I can chill out in the garden and spend lots of time cooking and reading - which is how perfect vacation should be like (if you're not having a bicycle tour round Ireland).

I also finally found some time to scan a film from around December (sic!) last year - I couldn't help but think how much the motifs used resemble some aspects of "The Nightingale" - a story by Hans Christian Andersen. The only difference being the Empress, instead of Emperor, trying to keep the wonderful bird for herself.

"The emperor was so delighted that he declared the nightingale should have his gold slipper to wear round her neck, but she declined the honor with thanks: she had been sufficiently rewarded already. “I have seen tears in an emperor’s eyes,” she said, “that is my richest reward."

"She was now to remain at court, to have her own cage, with liberty to go out twice a day, and once during the night. Twelve servants were appointed to attend her on these occasions, who each held her by a silken string fastened to her leg. There was certainly not much pleasure in this kind of flying."

"So Death gave up each of these treasures for a song; and the nightingale continued her singing. She sung of the quiet churchyard, where the white roses grow, where the elder-tree wafts its perfume on the breeze, and the fresh, sweet grass is moistened by the mourners’ tears. Then Death longed to go and see his garden, and floated out through the window in the form of a cold, white mist."

*all quotes are taken from "The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Andersen, which can be found HERE.

9 Jun 2011

New items in my etsy shop

Here's a quick note to tell you I've added some earrings (that's a whole new cathegory!) and pendants to my etsy shop ^-^

27 May 2011

Craft fair preparations.

It's already late and I still have so many things to do for tomorrow's "Kramy 2011" - a craft fair in Cracow (more about it in THIS post) - those of you from that region are more than welcome to drop by.

Few photos of new stuff and I'm back to work - more can be found on my facebook profile.
Let me introduce new products: headbands, hair pins and finally - earrings!

I should post a photo of my working desk some day - it's such a mess I'm amazed I can still find things on it...

22 May 2011

cameras looking for new home.

from upper left corner: Kiev 88, Lubitel 166U, Yashica FRII, Zorki-4.

I'm sad to admit I have to say goodbye to some of my beauties, but I'm limiting all my belongings to just some basic stuff, so i'm looking for a good home for them.
This is a great opportunity to all of you planning to have a try on analogue photography, or just get a new camera for your collection.
You can find photos taken with them (the only one I haven't used is Zorki-4) in my photostream here.
You'll find the cameras descriptions below.
Feel free to contact me for details @ cacheedanslaforet [at] gmail.com
I'll give bonus gifts to every camera.
I can make an etsy listing with a camera of your choice if you want.


[Now on etsy]
An almost direct clone of the original Hasselblad 1600F/1000F, sometimes jokingly referred to as a Hasselbladski.
Hot shoe with synchronous center contact for accessories.
Kiev 88 viewfinders are compatible with the Hasselblad 1600F and 1000F, and even current Hasselblad V-system models
No frame overlap.
Some light leaks in, as it does in most Kievs, which can be easily prevented with a black masking tape.

comes with:
  • great VOLNA-3 MC 2,8/80 lens with magnificent bokeh abilities 
  • plus two awesome Extension rings for macro-photography
  • both: Waist-level finder with anti-reflection, pop-up hood and 2X fine-focus magnifier AND Interchangeable eye-level pentaprism viewfinder with built-in full aperture TTL/SPOT exposure metering (dunno if it works though - never tried)
  • Front lens cap
  • Rubber eye cup for prism finder
  • two working film magazines / film backs
  • screw type lens mount 
  • wonderful sturdy black leather case with leather strap
  • sun shade 
  • UV & yellow filter in special protective case


Lubitel 166U [medium format TLR camera]


Lomo legend and cult TLR camera. great for beginners with TLRs. gives spectacular vignetting.
Frame size: 56x56 mm or 56x42 mm (12 or 16 pictures per film respectively)
Lens: T-22 triplet, 75 mm f/4.5
Shutter: leaf, manually cocked; shutter speeds: 1/15 sec. to 1/250 sec. and B
Aperture: f4.5 to f22
Focusing range: 1.3 m to infinity
Flash synch: cord, all shutter speeds
Self-timer: mechanical
Film transport: manual (multiple exposure possible)
Tripod socket: 1/4"

comes with:
  • leather camera strap
  • camera case
  • front double lens cap


♥ Yashica FR II [TTL metering fully automatic exposure 35 mm SLR camera] ♥

Great camera for street photography - Yashica FR II features fully automatic through the-lens electronic exposure control. By simply presetting the film speed and lensaperture, its exposure control system varies the shutter speed continuously according to subject brightness to assure correct exposure under any light conditions.

Type: TTL metering fully automatic exposure 35 mm SLR camera
Lens Mount: Contax/Yashica mount. Negative Size: 24 x 36 mm
Shutter: Electronically Controlled horizontal run focal plane shutter. Shutter speeds automatically varied between 4 sec. to 1/1000 sec. at AUTO setting, Bulb setting (B) for long exposure and electronic flash synchronization setting (I) for manual operation.
Self Timer: Built-in lever type; releases in 7 sec.
Shutter Release: Feather-touch electromagnetic release release socket on camera body for auxiliary shutter release
Exposure Meter: TTL aperture-preferred fully automatic exposure control. Center-weighted full aperture light metering via SPD cell.
Exposure Check Button: Push Button/slide type; lockable with film advance lever slightly cocked.
Exposure Range: Between EV 1 - 18 with f/1.4 standard lens using ASA film.
Exposure Compensation: +2 EV
ASA Filrn Speed Settings: ASA 12 - 3200
Power Source: 6 V silver oxide battery (Eveready 544 Ucar 544, Mallory PX-28 or equivalent).
Viewfinder: Through-the-lens reflex viewfinder; shows a field of approx 92% of the actual picture area with an image magnification of 0.87X. Shutter speeds indicated by pointer from 1/1000 sec. - 1 sec.
Focusing Screen: diagonal split-image centerspot with microprism collar.
Film Advance: single-frame advance via film advance lever with 140 degree full stroke, or multiple short ratchet stroke advance; frame count registers on exposure counter. Sequential film advance to 2 fps with optional Yashica Winder unit.
Film Rewind: via film rewind crank.
Back Cover: Standard back opens by lifting out on film rewind crank.
Other Features: Battery confirmation lamp; lens release button, memo holder, direct X contact accessory shoe.
Size and Weight: 142.5 x 87 x 50 mm 650 grams (body only)

It might have some minor film rewinding issues - those should be rather easy to fix.

comes with:
  • super wide camera strap
  • front double lens cap
  • lens choice: 
  1. Yashica Lens DSB 50 mm f/1.9
  2. Tamron Bbar Multi C. 135mm 1:2.8
  3. Yashica MC zoom 28-80mm, 1:3.9-4.9
...or all of them;)


[Now on etsy]
The zorki-4 was the first of the zorki cameras to be exported in mass to the west and beyond, and is a real Russian classic. The Zorki family started off as copies of the Leica Screw series, like a lot of Russian cameras did. The basic pre-war Leica design was copied since the thirties (by FED) and after the war continued by KMZ in their Zorki series. 'Зоркий', by the way, means 'sharp-sighted' in Russian.

The type of my copy is 4C, manufactured from 1968 to 1973.
frame size: 24x36.
Shutter: 1-1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s, 1/500s, 1/1000s + b.

comes with:
  • Industar-50mm f/3,5 lens angle: 45 degrees
  • beautiful leather camera case
  • leather strap

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