22 Sep 2011


Is he dreaming about the career of an aviator... or does he just have his head in the clouds?

(for the soundtrack click here.)


19 Sep 2011

Confitures! ♥

I've just received a wonderful surprise gift from France, from my dear friend, Justyna, who has mastered the art of making exquisite confitures (not even mentioning other marvels she does in the kitchen).
Unfortunately, one jar, containing the confiture of apricots with lavernder (oh-my-god!) didn't survive the journey - risking my own life I had to try it though (being careful not to eat any glass) - it was BEYOND AWESOME!
Enclosed was one of my favourite books of all times - "Un homme qui dort" by Georges Perec - finally I'll have the opportunity to read it in original language.

This really made my day, and was a beautiful week overture.
Thank you dear! ♥

18 Sep 2011


I got tempted by stunning repaints of Monster High dolls I saw recently and got myself two of them, and I already want more I must admit. I adore their gentle and beautifully shaped bodies and surprisingly interesting face molds (once you wash off that awful slutty decal faces they were given by Mattel), different for every doll.

Here's my Baronesse, waiting for a new face and customisation.

14 Sep 2011

‎"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

My etsy store, http://www.etsy.com/shop/cacheedanslaforet is full of new, fantabulous items, and every day new ones are listed!
Here's a little gift to all my lovely customers (and Yes, I have to credit Lewis Carrol for the inspiration):
Enter the code FRABJOUSDAY upon checkout to receive a 15% discount on the whole order ♥
hurry up - it won't last forever!

13 Sep 2011


The world around is so huge and overwhelming, this little Ladybug friend of mine seems to be in a constant shock!

This is a repaint of a ddung knockoff doll, done my magnificently talented Kamarza. She's done OH so great, and I've been most happy to find this little creature in the package that arrived at my doorstep today.

1 Sep 2011

"Watch out for the broken glass, put your shoes and socks on and come along with me."

The title for the post is taken from "Kentucky Avenue", one of my favourite songs by Tom Waits, containing some of his childhood memories.

It has suddenly struck me that Marcel, one of my dolls, is just the kind of a boy that could be Waits' childhood companion - mischievous yet full of energy and imaginative. Running round the neighbourhood all day, being a nuisance to the local community but at the same time charming in his own, boyish way.

And here he is, a hole in his sock and not-so-clean feet, after a busy day of climbing trees, running and making up big adventures. I envy him, I really do.

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