22 May 2011

cameras looking for new home.

from upper left corner: Kiev 88, Lubitel 166U, Yashica FRII, Zorki-4.

I'm sad to admit I have to say goodbye to some of my beauties, but I'm limiting all my belongings to just some basic stuff, so i'm looking for a good home for them.
This is a great opportunity to all of you planning to have a try on analogue photography, or just get a new camera for your collection.
You can find photos taken with them (the only one I haven't used is Zorki-4) in my photostream here.
You'll find the cameras descriptions below.
Feel free to contact me for details @ cacheedanslaforet [at] gmail.com
I'll give bonus gifts to every camera.
I can make an etsy listing with a camera of your choice if you want.


[Now on etsy]
An almost direct clone of the original Hasselblad 1600F/1000F, sometimes jokingly referred to as a Hasselbladski.
Hot shoe with synchronous center contact for accessories.
Kiev 88 viewfinders are compatible with the Hasselblad 1600F and 1000F, and even current Hasselblad V-system models
No frame overlap.
Some light leaks in, as it does in most Kievs, which can be easily prevented with a black masking tape.

comes with:
  • great VOLNA-3 MC 2,8/80 lens with magnificent bokeh abilities 
  • plus two awesome Extension rings for macro-photography
  • both: Waist-level finder with anti-reflection, pop-up hood and 2X fine-focus magnifier AND Interchangeable eye-level pentaprism viewfinder with built-in full aperture TTL/SPOT exposure metering (dunno if it works though - never tried)
  • Front lens cap
  • Rubber eye cup for prism finder
  • two working film magazines / film backs
  • screw type lens mount 
  • wonderful sturdy black leather case with leather strap
  • sun shade 
  • UV & yellow filter in special protective case


Lubitel 166U [medium format TLR camera]


Lomo legend and cult TLR camera. great for beginners with TLRs. gives spectacular vignetting.
Frame size: 56x56 mm or 56x42 mm (12 or 16 pictures per film respectively)
Lens: T-22 triplet, 75 mm f/4.5
Shutter: leaf, manually cocked; shutter speeds: 1/15 sec. to 1/250 sec. and B
Aperture: f4.5 to f22
Focusing range: 1.3 m to infinity
Flash synch: cord, all shutter speeds
Self-timer: mechanical
Film transport: manual (multiple exposure possible)
Tripod socket: 1/4"

comes with:
  • leather camera strap
  • camera case
  • front double lens cap


♥ Yashica FR II [TTL metering fully automatic exposure 35 mm SLR camera] ♥

Great camera for street photography - Yashica FR II features fully automatic through the-lens electronic exposure control. By simply presetting the film speed and lensaperture, its exposure control system varies the shutter speed continuously according to subject brightness to assure correct exposure under any light conditions.

Type: TTL metering fully automatic exposure 35 mm SLR camera
Lens Mount: Contax/Yashica mount. Negative Size: 24 x 36 mm
Shutter: Electronically Controlled horizontal run focal plane shutter. Shutter speeds automatically varied between 4 sec. to 1/1000 sec. at AUTO setting, Bulb setting (B) for long exposure and electronic flash synchronization setting (I) for manual operation.
Self Timer: Built-in lever type; releases in 7 sec.
Shutter Release: Feather-touch electromagnetic release release socket on camera body for auxiliary shutter release
Exposure Meter: TTL aperture-preferred fully automatic exposure control. Center-weighted full aperture light metering via SPD cell.
Exposure Check Button: Push Button/slide type; lockable with film advance lever slightly cocked.
Exposure Range: Between EV 1 - 18 with f/1.4 standard lens using ASA film.
Exposure Compensation: +2 EV
ASA Filrn Speed Settings: ASA 12 - 3200
Power Source: 6 V silver oxide battery (Eveready 544 Ucar 544, Mallory PX-28 or equivalent).
Viewfinder: Through-the-lens reflex viewfinder; shows a field of approx 92% of the actual picture area with an image magnification of 0.87X. Shutter speeds indicated by pointer from 1/1000 sec. - 1 sec.
Focusing Screen: diagonal split-image centerspot with microprism collar.
Film Advance: single-frame advance via film advance lever with 140 degree full stroke, or multiple short ratchet stroke advance; frame count registers on exposure counter. Sequential film advance to 2 fps with optional Yashica Winder unit.
Film Rewind: via film rewind crank.
Back Cover: Standard back opens by lifting out on film rewind crank.
Other Features: Battery confirmation lamp; lens release button, memo holder, direct X contact accessory shoe.
Size and Weight: 142.5 x 87 x 50 mm 650 grams (body only)

It might have some minor film rewinding issues - those should be rather easy to fix.

comes with:
  • super wide camera strap
  • front double lens cap
  • lens choice: 
  1. Yashica Lens DSB 50 mm f/1.9
  2. Tamron Bbar Multi C. 135mm 1:2.8
  3. Yashica MC zoom 28-80mm, 1:3.9-4.9
...or all of them;)


[Now on etsy]
The zorki-4 was the first of the zorki cameras to be exported in mass to the west and beyond, and is a real Russian classic. The Zorki family started off as copies of the Leica Screw series, like a lot of Russian cameras did. The basic pre-war Leica design was copied since the thirties (by FED) and after the war continued by KMZ in their Zorki series. 'Зоркий', by the way, means 'sharp-sighted' in Russian.

The type of my copy is 4C, manufactured from 1968 to 1973.
frame size: 24x36.
Shutter: 1-1/30s, 1/60s, 1/125s, 1/250s, 1/500s, 1/1000s + b.

comes with:
  • Industar-50mm f/3,5 lens angle: 45 degrees
  • beautiful leather camera case
  • leather strap

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  1. Witaj, znamy się z Digartu. Jak wiesz, jestem amatorem w rękodziele i fotografii. Potrzebuję dobrego, choć niekoniecznie najnowszego aparatu fotograficznego. Jeśli dobrze rozumiem to, co napisałaś, masz aparaty fotograficzne do sprzedania? Czy możesz mi coś polecić? Zależy mi, aby miały wyjmowaną kartę xD/SD/ MS PRO lub CF lub kabel USB do zgrywania zdjęć na kompa. Jak można kupić (dajesz linki do jakiegoś miejsca, ale nie wiem, co to za portal i jak funkcjonuje). Proszę odpisz na digarcie lub na handmade-renifer@o2.pl Pozdrawiam Renata S. z Polski


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