24 Feb 2012

Facebook giveaway!

Time for a wee giveaway!

To win the fabulous ring in the picture, just:
1) like my facebook page and...
2) ...like & share this picture on your facebook wall.

The deadline is next Thursday (1st March) at noon.
I will ship worldwide, so everyone's invited to take part!

16 Feb 2012

The Roaring Twenties!

Hey guys and gals, I'm happy to announce I will be setting up my stall
at The Gatsby Club - Glasgow's dedicated 1920's themed club night on 18th of February!
I'm SO excited to have an opportunity to present my jewellery in such magnificent entourage! ♥


The theme of the night is St. Valentine's Day Massacre- here's some info from The Gatsby Club website:

Throughout the 1920's mobsters engaged in street battles over issues of control. Gang warfare reached its climax in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. On February 14, 1929, seven men were killed in a Chicago garage by five unknown men wearing police uniforms. Witnesses were unable to establish their identity, and the coroner's jury did not find sufficient evidence to prosecute anyone. Al Capone was blamed for the Massacre, even though he was in Florida at the time. To this day, the perpetrators' identity remains a mystery...

With this in mind think gangsters and molls, cops and robbers, vamps and vixens, Al Capone, black and white movies, and hidden identity!

Venture within the opulent, lavish period surroundings of Glasgow University's Debates Chamber, and wet your whistle with The Gatsby Club's exclusive range of cocktails! Sit back and enjoy a variety show of music-hall comedy, singers, burlesque acts and more, hosted by those caballeros of cabaret, The Creative Martyrs! (A full line-up will be announced in due course along with some other surprises expected on the night!)

After the show, take in Gatsby's own fabulous house band, before The Man in Tweed spins records from the early 20th century to modern, era-inspired numbers, keeping toes tapping into the small hours as you're borne ceaselessly into the past!

I ask you: HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Awaken your inner flapper and go check out the facebook event and The Gatsby Club website for details and tickets!

1 Feb 2012

Packing etsy orders.

 I've been packing etsy orders recently and took few photos.
All the wee boxes are hand made by awesome me - took ages to sort out the template and then assemble them, but I'm pretty proud of the result.

I have already chosen the prizes in the giveaway I'm planning, so stay tuned as there will be some cool goodies up for grabs!
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