21 Aug 2011

Four-legged girl pendant.

Ever felt worse because of being different than others?
I think that's how Josephene Myrtle Corbin might have felt in her childhood.
Born on May 12, 1868 in Lincoln County, Tennessee, she had not two, but four legs due to her body axis splitting while in early development. She had two pelvises, and each outer leg was paired with another, smaller inner leg.
She was soon a sensation throughout the country, and while touring with her family she managed to support the whole family with her earnings, which supposedly way exceeded the average income by that time.
According to the sources I've found, she grew up to be a beautiful woman, she has happily married by the age of 19, and raised five healthy children.*
An example, I daresay, that being different does not mean being worse, or does not necessarily bring misfortune.

Here's a pendant I made with an early picture of Josephene Myrtle Corbin - it's available in my etsy shop.

I love her striped socks and her Victorian-style shoes.


1 comment:

  1. O rety, nie wiem, czy ta odmienność powinny być przedmiotem zdobniczym - odważna praca. Choć historia szczęśliwa - urodziła tyle zdrowych dzieci! Mimo wszystko szok..
    Sam kształ wisiorka piękny!


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