28 Mar 2011

interview with Marcel.

I'm happy to announce that Marcel, my doll boy, has given an interview for BJD Magazine.
I daresay it's the first interview with a BJD doll ever. He was SO nervous!

You can read it HERE. the second part is yet to come.

21 Mar 2011

free wallpapers.

We've been feasting a lot lately, as last week I've passed my final masters exams and finished my studies - how cool is that?
I'm terribly happy, and I've already started making up for all the lost time and postponed plans.

LEM, my robot, is so proud of me.
As a surprise gift, he's prepared a set of wallpapers in different sizes for PC's and iPhone, which you can download by clicking HERE. We hope you like them.
If you want to post them somewhere, please remember about giving us credits and linking back to this blog.

18 Mar 2011

Leeke thieves! Dust of Dolls creations copied.

For last few days I've been following the information on an independent artist, Dust of Dolls lovely doll, Püns, which has been shamelessly copied and offered for sale by one of the biggest companies in the Asian Ball Jointed Dolls industry - LeekeWorld.
I remember thinking about Püns immediately when I saw the new doll by Leeke, and then concerns of other BJD collectors have proven my suspicions right. I've been waiting for the official statement of Dust of Dolls to confirm it. In the meantime, Leeke has published photos from the stages of making of the doll they called Mikhaila. They make some fruitless efforts to prove they didn't copy the doll, but the sketches and photos of Püns can be seen on Leeke's photos of their work desks.

I am shocked and ashamed of that act of bold and shameless copyright infringement. This should never happen, and the fact that this has been done by one of the major companies makes it even more blameworthy. I've been a fan of Dust of Dolls creations for a long time, and this situation leaves me flabbergasted and harldy believing this act of disgusting theft. Furthermore, It's not the first case of LeekeWorld copying someone else's work - they have already been accused of using Russian photographer, Oleg Dou, photos to create their Milch character.

The reaction of the BJD collector's community has been quite massive and really uplifting. I hope LeekeWorld feels the pressure and removes the copied doll from their offer. I also hope they pay for this theft and it will have severe legal consequences.

From my part, I will boycott the company that has undermined it's credibility so severely. I encourage everyone else, who has conscience to do the same.

Here you can find Dust of Dolls statement. The photos I enclose are also taken from their website.

9 Mar 2011


My lovely undine-like creature arrived today - she's so delicate and wonderful, I can't take my eyes off her.
She reminds me a bit of the Childlike Empress from the Neverending Story, which is one of my favourite books.

I'm still thinking about the name for her - wanted to give her a Gaelic name, so if you have any suggestions, I'll be glad to hear them.

More details after she gets some colours - till then, let me keep her mold in secret.

8 Mar 2011


I have finally completed and handed over my thesis (on CouchSurfing and Hospitality Club) some time ago - I'm having my final exam on Monday, but I already feel so free and light-hearted!
In the meantime, I have moved to the city centre, an now I share my room with a black cat.
Once I tame the chaos in my tiny room I'm planning to read all the books that have been waiting for me all those years. I'm really excited about it.
I'm also thinking about redesigning my etsy shop, and retake all the photos for it's listings. There's so much light in my room I'm amazed every time I walk in there during the day - my previous apartment only had a eastern window, so it was rather dim most of the time.

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