31 Mar 2012

Cachée dans la forêt shoes #2: "The Time Traveller's Wife"

This is the second pair of limited collection of One Of A Kind shoes by Cachée dans la forêt.
I really enjoyed making the prototype pair you could see on a teaser photo some time ago, and I have decided to continue the project.

Each pair of shoes will have totally different design, and there will be one pair of each design only, in a random size, so I can guarantee you'll never have to worry about meeting someone dressed the same as you at the party! ^-^
Of course it's also possible to commission the shoes in your size with your own design - I love making bespoke pieces for you!

Those gorgeous Mary Janes are adorned with filigree brass rosettes with images of ancient clocks hidden under magnifying glass domes, ribbon bows and roses, and brass bows on the heel parts, those shoes are romantic but with a bit of a twist.
Perfect for time travellers, sentimental souls or steampunk adventurers!

Suitable for everyday wear & certain to suit a wide range of outfits, the canvas shoes feature a buckled strap to the top of the foot ensuring a secure fit, and a gorgeous floral patterned inner. Textile upper and inner, synthetic sole.
They are really comfortable - I have been wearing the prototype pair #1 for a long time now and I have to say the quality of the shoes is superb!

The pair is size 7 UK / 40 EU.

They are available for purchase in my etsy shop.


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