8 Mar 2011


I have finally completed and handed over my thesis (on CouchSurfing and Hospitality Club) some time ago - I'm having my final exam on Monday, but I already feel so free and light-hearted!
In the meantime, I have moved to the city centre, an now I share my room with a black cat.
Once I tame the chaos in my tiny room I'm planning to read all the books that have been waiting for me all those years. I'm really excited about it.
I'm also thinking about redesigning my etsy shop, and retake all the photos for it's listings. There's so much light in my room I'm amazed every time I walk in there during the day - my previous apartment only had a eastern window, so it was rather dim most of the time.


  1. Marcel seems to be a bit tired of moving in most probably;) He's so sweet:) Fingers crossed for your exam:)

  2. Wish I could get there...My thesis is taunting me. Best of luck for Monday!
    Wonderful picture of Marcel. He looks like he's been studying too hard as well. ^^

  3. thank you girls! i should start learning for the exam, but hey, it's only Wednesday;P
    Marcel is tired indeed, and all floppy and in need of restringing...


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