31 Jan 2011

itsy bitsy world.

I love miniatures of all kinds and macro photography is something that I really enjoy, so I recently bought a reverse lens adapter for my digital camera and now I'm enjoying all those great close-ups with the help of my beloved old soviet Helios-44 58mm 1:2 lens.

Not much time for photography though, for the long postponed deadline of handing in my MA thesis is getting closer and i'm in a rush to finish with that university bullshit.
Cause although I pretty much enjoyed my studies, I'm fed up with the thesis thing I've been dealing with for over three years now. Let's just pass that damn final exam and get back to my dolls and my cameras.
That's my goal for now, so cross your fingers and wish me luck, for i'll need it with my incredible ability to procrastinate when one definitely shouldn't...

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